So, it is once again time to open the doors to a new generation of students who have found their way to our fantastic University. There are more students than ever, and although that is obviously a great thing, it means extra busy days and many people doing their utmost to ensure everyone receives the right information and finds the right place in the corridors. Many people came to the reception in the University Main Building, where Deputy Vice-Chancellor Coco welcomed students in the Grand Auditorium, while I travelled to Gotland and met many new hopeful students who have come to the only campus not within cycling distance of Carolina Rediviva. It was a rainy but pleasant day in Visby as we gathered in the beautiful ruins of the St. Nicholas church, where we were led by the Knights of Knowledge.

Ceremonies are important. This is something that often strikes me as Vice-Chancellor. Many people appreciate the clarity they offer and the way they create a before and an after. The welcome receptions let everyone know that this is where it all starts. Here we go!

But in reality, our University never stops completely. There is always something going on here and this autumn will be no exception. It will be an exciting semester with research committee deliberations and a research bill. We will hold discussions about the University’s development and investments. As early as this September, we will inaugurate a new centre, the ATMP centre, in collaboration with the hospital and the region, and soon Culture Night will be upon us. We will celebrate the University’s anniversary and last year’s Nobel Laureate Svante Pääbo will come and give a lecture.

We look forward to deepening collaborations in Africa, and this September the management of the Korean university Hallym university will come to discuss collaborations in AI (artificial intelligence). I am also looking forward to the announcement of the next Nobel Prize. Maybe one of you reading this is a candidate.

I am looking forward to this new semester with all of you. We are a fantastically exciting University with incredible diversity under a shared roof. I hope we can profit from that more than ever in the times to come.