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Welcome back

The semester is under way, the students are here and we have an exciting spring ahead of us. We certainly have plenty to look forward to. In just over a week, on 25 January, Morten Meldal – 2022 Nobel laureate in chemistry – will give a lecture at Uppsala Biomedical Centre. On the same day, […]

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Happy Holidays!

The autumn is over, winter is here, Lucia has come and gone, Christmas and New Year will soon be upon us. Time flies when you’re having fun, as they say, and looking back on the past year it has unquestionably been an exciting year full of developments and events at our broad University. It started […]

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Internationalisation with a focus on Africa

Our University undertakes major international initiatives. We collaborate with universities across the globe, and our Mission, Goals and Strategies highlights internationalisation and the need to be open to students and researchers from all over the world. Amidst tough competition, Uppsala University wants to recruit the very best and enrich the University with other nationalities’ experiences […]

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Worrying situation in Iran

The protests in Iran are continuing and we are concerned about the situation of our colleagues and students at universities in the country. The origins of the escalating protests in Iran lie in the detention of a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Jîna Amini, by the morality police in Tehran. According to the police, she was not […]

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Welcome PEN International

Authors such as George Orwell, Margaret Atwood, Nadine Gordimer, Toni Morrison – I could name many more – have given us terrifying portrayals of what can happen to people when their freedom of expression, be it written or spoken, is taken away. The reason that their stories affect people so deeply is likely that the […]

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Summer is here!

It has been an exciting and different spring. Many events that were cancelled during the pandemic could take place in the past few months. In many ways, we have experienced the University afresh as we have made the transition back from online to in-person. It has been fun and intense. We in the management team […]

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